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Developing your career

We are here to help you fulfil your potential and develop your career, whether you are just starting out, returning after a break, looking to specialise or wanting to gain professional recognition.



Find all the latest news about our new programmes and developments. Click on a news item below to read more.

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Providing NHS and public health pharmacy services

Our learning and assessment will support you in keeping your knowledge and skills up to date in order to deliver high-quality pharmacy services. We can help you to equip yourself with the tools to be service-ready and support the medicines optimisation and public health agendas.


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Enhancing your leadership, business skills and personal development

Enhance your role and plan your personal and professional development with CPPE's leadership, management and skill-focused resources.


You said, we did

You asked for more guidance on how to approach the Consultation skills for pharmacy practice e-assessment.

Emails to info@cppe.ac.uk

We launched a four-week online campaign, focusing on a different section of the Consultation skills for pharmacy practice assessment each week, to support and motivate you to complete and pass the assessment.

You told us that you wanted to regain confidence to use your prescribing qualifications.

Learning delivery team

We developed a new residential course, Return to prescribing, and a guide to prescriber CPD.

You gave feedback that you liked our Live chat service.

Customer satisfaction survey

We extended our Live chat operating hours to 9.30-4.30 every week day except bank holidays.

You were having problems resetting your passwords.

Telephone calls to head office

We improved the password reset facility on our website to make it easier for you to change your password and update your email address.

Focusing on clinical pharmacy and therapeutics

We provide a variety of learning programmes and assessments linked to clinical pharmacy, diseases and therapeutics. Our programmes support you to advance your knowledge and skills and deliver medicines optimisation in practice for all sectors of pharmacy.


Learn on your own


Our e-challenge provides you with a regular quiz on what's new and happening in pharmacy, medicines and the NHS.


You will find an extensive portfolio of interactive e-learning resources for self-study, so you can choose when you complete your learning.

CPPE apps

Download our apps and complete quick quizzes to test your knowledge on medicines and high-risk medicines safety issues.

Distance learning

You will find an extensive portfolio of downloadable learning resources for self-study, so you can choose when and where you complete your learning.


We have a series of guides available to support you with your professional and personal development.


We have a range of online assessments for our programmes. They are designed to test your knowledge, skills and application to practice.

Supporting pharmacy educators and trainers

We offer a range of resources that can help you to develop yourself as a pharmacy educator or trainer as well as enabling you to use our materials as you support others.


Learn with others


Our tutors facilitate workshops on a range of topics, including consultation skills, clinical topics, public health services and medicines optimisation.

Learning communities

Learn as part of a group with your friends or colleagues. This method of learning allows you the flexibility to choose the time, place and topic.

CPPE Optimise

Use these programmes for small group learning to improve your clinical knowledge and skills.


Engage in a deeper learning experience by completing one of our e-courses. These online programmes run for approximately six to eight weeks.

Focal point workshops

These short, clinically focused learning sessions support you and your colleagues to improve the services you offer your patients.


Attend a workshop form the comfort of your own home. Our CPPE e-tutors ensure you have a fun, interactive learning experience.

Supporting you

We can offer you support and advice on your personal and professional development, respond to your individual needs and guide you through any professional difficulties you may face.