Leadership for Healthy Living Pharmacies

Our Leadership for Healthy Living Pharmacies resources will help you to collect evidence that you have undertaken leadership training that meets the HLP Level 1 self-assessment criteria. The criteria require an individual from the pharmacy team to undergo leadership training that maps to the NHS Leadership Academy’s Healthcare Leadership Model™. Our programmes use this model together with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s Leadership development framework to help you to develop the leadership skills needed to encourage your team to reach out to the local community and promote healthy lifestyles at every opportunity.

Our Leadership for Healthy Living Pharmacies learning programmes will enable you to identify different leadership styles, engage your team to deliver proactive healthy lifestyle advice and apply the principles of effective change management to support your team through the process of change.

Our programmes provide a range of learning options suitable for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pre-registration trainee pharmacists. The options for learning include evening taster events, full-day events and an e-course.

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If you are from a local authority or LPC and wish to commission CPPE to run a Leadership for Healthy Living Pharmacies workshop, please contact your CPPE regional manager.

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