Consultation skills

Every time you speak with a patient you have the opportunity to make a difference.

Health Education England identified developing the patient-centred consultation skills of the pharmacy profession as a priority which has led to the development of the national Consultation Skills for Pharmacy Practice (CSfPP) programme. This is the home of the the national practice standards for pharmacy consultations which highlight the knowledge, skills and behaviours expected of all pharmacy professionals in a patient-facing role.

The learning and assessment portfolio from the CSfPP programme is available from the CPPE website. Take a look at the e-learning programme Consultation skills: what good practice looks like and see some of the consultation skills experts in action. Watching the video consultations and working through the activities gives you the opportunity to reflect on your own practice and develop new behaviours and helps you prepare to complete the Consultation skills for pharmacy practice assessment.

There are programmes to support more advanced skills such as Consulting with children and young people and Consulting with people with mental health problems.

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