We have developed interactive live online e-workshops which will be similar to attending one of our workshops - but from the comfort of your home! These events are run by CPPE e-tutors who will ensure you have a fun, interactive learning experience. You will have the opportunity for discussions in small groups as you do at our face-to-face workshops. Some of the benefits of this type of learning are:

  • you can take part at home or your workplace while still learning with others
  • there is less time and cost involved as there is no need to travel
  • you can choose to attend any of the online events - you will not be restricted by location.

You can apply for any of the workshops listed below by clicking on the link in the date. Places are limited so book early!

Please note: you will need internet access and a device (preferably a computer) to access the e-workshop. You will need a headset and a microphone to participate fully.

If you are new to WebEx please watch an introduction presentation at: http://www.cppe.ac.uk/webextraining/

Continuing Professional Development e-workshop

The aim of the e-workshop is to promote and support online recording of CPD for pharmacists, registered pharmacy technicians, and pre-registration pharmacist trainees.

A recording has been made available of a live session, due to the e-workshops being oversubscribed. Click on the link below to access the recording.

The e-workshop covers the latest CPD recording system as the new General Pharmaceutical Council online recording system is currently being developed.

This e-workshop covers practical ‘hints and tips’ as well as live critique of a CPD entry and discussion around how to record CPD records more frequently.

On completion of all aspects of this programme you should be able to:

  • Locate useful resources on the websites for CPD
  • List key aspects of completing an entry correctly
  • Evaluate the quality of a CPD entry
  • Identify one measure that will encourage you to record CPD more frequently

CPD: getting your records right. An online CPD recording session.

Return to the Register e-workshop – Building a portfolio 1

These two e-workshops, a week apart, aim to help those preparing to return to the register to assess their knowledge, skills and behaviours against the GPhC standards and to start to build a portfolio of evidence to support an application for registration.

On completion of this learning programme you should be able to:

  • Reflect on the requirements for safe and effective practice as a pharmacy professional
  • Evaluate how any work-experience, education or CPD has prepared you for practice
  • Assess your knowledge, skills and behaviours against the GPhC standards for pharmacy professionals
  • Identify gaps in your knowledge, skills and behaviours and prepare a personal development plan to address these
  • Begin to compile a portfolio of evidence to support an application for registration.

In order to complete this learning (Return to the register – building a portfolio) you must commit to attending both e-workshops. The link to the second e-workshop will only be given to those who attended the first e-workshop.





19th & 26th January 2017 - click to book

19:00 - 20:30

Return to the Register e-workshop – Building a portfolio 1

Emma Wright

Pre-session work

As for all CPPE workshops, there will be some preparation to do. Please allow at least two hours preparation time for each workshop. Once you have registered for your workshop on WebEx you will have access to all the pre-workshop materials.

Software - Webex

These e-workshops will be run via a web conferencing site WebEx. To gain the most out of these workshops you will need to ensure that you have access to a computer with internet access and preferably a headset with a microphone. Webcams are not necessary.

It is important that you become familiar with the functions and use of WebEx before you attend one of these e-workshops. You can do this by watching a video on how to attend a WebEx session.

If you have any issues with your registration or downloading the pre-workshop material, please email the host for the event - the highlighted names in the table will take you to their email.