Coaching support

Working in any sector of pharmacy can be stressful and at times isolating. There are times when we all face challenges and professional difficulties in relation to our work and sometimes the peer support to discuss issues is unavailable.

What support is available from CPPE?

At CPPE we have a coaching service available to our customers. If you have a specific work-related goal you would like to achieve within a supportive framework and a set timescale then our coaching service is for you. We have a dedicated team of trained coaches who can work with you to find the right path and achieve your goals.

This is for customers who need more personal, one-to-one advice about a goal or issue and can commit to a coaching agreement. If your query is of a more immediate nature please contact our customer services team.

The CPPE coaching service is available to General Pharmaceutical Council registrants working in the NHS in England. It is a non-chargeable service that assists pharmacy professionals in dealing with work-related issues, problems and barriers. The aim is to provide a supportive framework for a specific goal and over an agreed timeframe, which empowers individuals to find their own path and solutions.

Apply for the coaching service

To apply for the coaching service, download and complete the application form, describing the nature of your goal or issue, and email it to us. Try and be as specific as possible about the help you require and the outcome you are looking for, as this will help us find the most appropriate support for you.

What other support is available?

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) offers a mentorship scheme to individuals looking for help with career development, achieving specific goals and returning to practice after a break.

Pharmacist Support is a charitable organisation which assists those who need confidential support. It provides a helpline called Listening Friends, advice on health-related problems and financial advice.

The Association of Pharmacy Technicians (APTUK) is the professional body for pharmacy technicians in the UK. It can provide support on professional and educational issues. You can find further information on APTUK and other sources of support on our pharmacy technicians factsheet.

If your problem is deemed more suitable for Pharmacist Support, APTUK or for mentorship by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society you will be referred to their services.