Facilitate learning@lunch

Our learning@lunch programmes are designed for hospital and primary care and can be used by interprofessional teams wanting to learn together. All our learning@lunch programmes (from December 2013) contain case studies that can be applied to primary and secondary care and consider transfer of care between the two settings. Our latest topics include hypertension and atrial fibrillation.

Materials for educators and trainers
As an educator or trainer, you can register to access our learning@lunch materials to facilitate a session for your students or team. These sessions support teams to learn together, share knowledge and experience and provide patient-focused solutions.

For each topic, you can provide learners with clinically-focused reading to update their knowledge on the topic area (Book 1). During the one-hour learning session, the group will work through practice activities and case studies (Book 2).

You also have access to a set of facilitation notes to help you get the most out of the session.

Register as a key contact to order or download copies of the programmes for your sessions. You can order paper copies or download a PDF version from the website. To register as a key contact, email: info@cppe.ac.uk