Summary Care Records in community pharmacy

More than 96 percent of patients in England have a Summary Care Record (SCR). The SCR provides key clinical information about a patient sourced from their GP record. SCRs are used successfully in many care settings across the NHS, including accident and emergency departments, out-of-hours services and hospital pharmacies.

Community pharmacists and designated members of the pharmacy team can now, with patient consent, access an SCR for patients.

SCR access in community pharmacy has demonstrated benefits to patients by enabling access to more information so pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can provide a safer, more efficient and better-informed service for those patients who require it.1

We have produced an e-learning programme to support you to use SCRs when consulting with patients. This programme will provide you with information about accessing the records, patient confidentiality, record-keeping and the essential information governance principles that underpin the process.

In addition, passing the associated CPPE e-assessment is a pre-requisite for access via your NHS Smartcard. Once you have completed the assessment you can share your data with the Registration Authority and SCR project team (on behalf of NHS Digital, formerly HSCIC). This will allow them to see that you have passed the e-assessment so they can give you access to Summary Care Records through your NHS Smartcard.

  1. Health and Social Care Information Centre. Community pharmacy access to Summary Care Records: proof of concept report v1.1. Health and Social Care Information Centre. 2015.