19/04/2017 12:15:11

Use our new primary care materials in your learning community

We have released a range of new primary care learning programmes for learning communities. These topics were originally developed as learning sets for clinical pharmacists on the General practice pharmacist training pathway and they are now open to a wider audience. You can access these materials through the learning communities section of our website.

What is a learning set?

A learning set is a monthly session where pathway participants meet with local peers and a clinical mentor. The learning sets are facilitated by a clinical mentor and provide protected time for reflection on clinical practice and the opportunity to discuss individual cases in depth.

What is a learning community?

A learning community is a group of pharmacy professionals who meet to study a CPPE learning programme. Any pharmacy professional registered in England can set up or join a learning community through our website.

What topics are available?

  • Working with community pharmacy
  • Antimicrobial stewardship: engaging patients and the public
  • Antimicrobial stewardship: optimising antimicrobial prescribing
  • Learning disabilities: supporting people with a learning disability to optimise their medicines
  • Learning disabilities: stopping over-medication of people with a learning disability
  • Type 2 diabetes

Will you be developing more topics?

The topics listed below are currently in development. When we publish these topics for clinical pharmacists on the pathway we will automatically make them available for learning communities at the same time.

  • Patient safety
  • Multimorbidity

Visit the learning communities dashboard to set up a new learning community, join a community near you or organise a new event for your community.

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