Learning communities

Learning communities provide you with a flexible way to learn in a relaxed atmosphere. You and your colleagues choose the time, place and topic.

A CPPE learning community is a group of pharmacy professionals who meet to study a CPPE learning programme. You can set up a learning community with pharmacy colleagues from your work place, in your local area, or those from a little further afield who have common learning needs. As a group you choose any topic from the learning community listings and enjoy your learning at a time and place to suit you. You could even choose to meet virtually by Skype or Google Hangouts.

Learning communities can use our focal point and CPPE Optimise learning formats and the materials we have developed for clinical pharmacists in general practice. You can find a complete programme listing on the learning communities dashboard.

Benefits of being part of a learning community include:

  • accessing CPPE learning with colleagues at a convenient time
  • networking with peers to share ideas and improve practice
  • holding meetings locally in rural communities
  • fitting your learning around work and family, but still being able to share the learning
  • focusing on topics that are relevant to you.

One of the best things about learning communities is that groups who meet together regularly can discuss how they have put previous learning into practice. This means being able to celebrate what went well, but also getting advice on things that didn’t go according to plan, so everybody benefits from shared learning.

Who can set up and join a CPPE learning community?

CPPE learning communities are available to all pharmacy professionals registered in England.