Develop your training skills by leading a learning community

As a pharmacy educator or trainer you can access all CPPE focal point and Optimise materials completely free of charge to use when training other pharmacy professionals.

Focal point and Optimise materials are ideal for small group learning and, by setting up a learning community, you will benefit from administrative support as well. A CPPE learning community is a group of between 2 and 20 pharmacy professionals, including pre-registration trainees, who meet to study CPPE materials. The group can be as formal or informal as you want, and you choose the time, place and topic.

When you set up a learning community event, we automatically e-mail all group members to let them know the details and send reminders. We send the pre-workshop activities to each member's registered address, and the workshop materials and a facilitator's guide directly to you.

We can also support you to develop your facilitation skills with a guide for leaders of learning communities, which has advice on planning, preparing and running an event.

How to set up a learning community

Follow the instructions on our learning communities dashboard  to create your learning community. You can then organise an event by choosing a topic, and the date, time and location.