Our leadership programmes use the NHS Leadership Academy’s Healthcare Leadership Model and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s Leadership Development Framework. These provide a competency framework to support you to develop your leadership skills to improve delivery of services and patient outcomes.

Our leadership resources provide a range of learning options suitable for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pre-registration pharmacists from all sectors and at all levels of practice. The programmes explore the challenges and rewards of leadership and offer the opportunity to develop skills and behaviours and apply them in the workplace.

The options for learning range from evening events to our flagship leadership school - a four-day programme which aims to provide a more in-depth opportunity to identify your leadership style and plan how you can develop your leadership skills.

Programme formats explained

distance learning

Self-study programmes available as PDFs


Online assessments


Online courses held over a number of weeks, supported by a CPPE tutor


Self-study online interactive learning, podcasts or e-lectures


Online workshops facilitated by a CPPE tutor

focal point

Programmes for community pharmacy teams


Self-study guides available as PDFs


Programmes for hospital and primary care pharmacy teams


Local workshops facilitated by a CPPE tutor or some you can deliver yourself

Learning levels explained

We recognise that people have different learning needs. Some of our programmes contain core learning while others deliver more complex learning that is only required to support certain roles. We have three categories of learning (1,2,3) and have allocated each programme to an appropriate category.

Core learning. Builds on limited knowledge. Some background reading may be required.

Application of knowledge. Assumes prior learning.

Supporting specialisms. We may not be the provider and will signpost you to other learning providers.

Learning programmes from other providers which complement your learning.