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Medicines use review

  • Released: 07/2005
  • Reviewed: 07/2015
  • Standard price: £65.00

Any pharmacist providing the MUR service is required by the Secretary of State Directions to have satisfactorily completed an assessment set by a higher education institution (HEI) based on the national competency framework. The assessment you can access here is the University of Manchester MUR assessment which is an online-only assessment and is hosted by CPPE.

Why should I do this assessment?

You must be able to provide evidence of satisfactorily completing an MUR assessment set and endorsed by a HEI in the form of an MUR certificate before you can deliver the MUR service. Working through the four sections of this assessment and passing each section will award you with this certificate which is a statement of satisfactory performance awarded by the University of Manchester.

How to do this assessment

Before working through the assessment we would recommend that you access the CPPE MUR services guide.

You can access this assessment through your web browser on your desktop, laptop or tablet device. You will need to be connected to the internet while you work through it.

Before you start the assessment, think about your environment. Have you set aside enough time (most of our assessments have a 45 minute time limit)? Are you sat in a quiet place with reliable internet connection? We recommend that you do not attempt our assessments on a small mobile device or when you are somewhere with unreliable Wi-Fi, for example, on the train or in a cafe.