NHS priorities

Whether it’s to prepare for the next Quality Payments Scheme deadline, or to increase your confidence in helping people with a learning disability, this section provides topic-specific pages that link to current NHS priorities. This section will support you in keeping your knowledge and skills up to date in order to provide high-quality pharmacy services and be service-ready.

Clinical pharmacy

Our clinical portfolio is expanding on a frequent basis, helping you to advance your knowledge and skills and deliver medicines optimisation in practice for all sectors of pharmacy. From two new focal points a year to our small group learning for hospital pharmacists – Optimise – this section focuses on clinical pharmacy, diseases and therapeutics.

Public health

The public health agenda is embedded in pharmacy, yet topics such as emergency contraception or stop smoking support are as prevalent as ever. As well as our public health workshops, use this section to access a wide range of resources to assure and maintain your competence, all underpinned by the Declaration of Competence system.

Antimicrobial resistance


This video will give you a brief introduction to the resources on this page.


The overall aim of this programme is to support you to develop your skills to engage with patients and the public about antimicrobial stewardship and develop your knowledge and skills to optimise the prescribing of antimicrobials.

2h:00m (for events this includes pre and post event learning)

Learning Objectives:

On completion of all aspects of this learning programme you should be able to:
  • debate current issues surrounding the use of antibiotics and look at different approaches that are used in practice
  • assess how the antimicrobial toolkit (TARGET toolkit) can be used to engage and educate patients, and discuss how to promote awareness of antimicrobial stewardship to patients and the public
  • familiarise yourself with local antimicrobial resistance, stewardship initiatives and national guidance
  • examine national and local antimicrobial guidelines for a common infection
  • discuss how to engage and support the multidisciplinary team to optimise prescribing of antimicrobials.

Antibacterial resistance - a global threat to public health: the role of the pharmacy team

This resource is not currently available to you, click for more information.

The aim of this learning programme is to update your knowledge about the issues of antimicrobial resistance and healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) so that you can contribute to reducing their impact. You will learn about the important role the pharmacy team can play in supporting healthcare professionals and patients to optimise patient outcomes in antimicrobial therapy, while minimising harm.

6h:00m (for events this includes pre and post event learning)

Learning Objectives:

On completion of all aspects of this learning programme you should be able to:
  • explain why antimicrobial resistance is considered to be one of the greatest public health risks in the UK and globally
  • apply the principles of antimicrobial stewardship to your everyday practice, through the use of one of the national toolkits
  • advise prescribers on the appropriate and inappropriate use of antibacterial therapy and optimise prescribing practice
  • support public awareness campaigns on avoiding the use of antibacterials
  • design learning materials for your team and your customers on avoiding antibacterial resistance
  • develop a protocol to support the introduction of infection control to your workplace.

This e-learning programme has been developed by Health Education England and is available on the e-Learning for Healthcare website. It is designed to support all health and social care staff to understand the threats caused by antimicrobial resistance. After ordering this programme, you will be redirected to their website where the resource is hosted. Please be aware that CPPE does not maintain control over the accuracy and currency of this programme.

0h:25m (for events this includes pre and post event learning)

Learning Objectives:

On completion of all aspects of this learning programme you should be able to:
  • discuss why there is such a concern about misuse of antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance
  • list the key risks for development of antimicrobial resistance
  • identify your role in tackling antimicrobial resistance.

Work your way around the Antibacterial learning topic, taking part in bite-sized interactive challenges that will help you and your team understand such issues as antimicrobial resistance, appropriate antibiotic prescribing, while also supporting patients presenting with winter ailments.

You can access this learning here: Antibacterials - theLearningpharmacy.com

Learning Objectives:

On completion of all aspects of this learning programme you should be able to:
  • develop and run an effective health promotion campaign in your pharmacy
  • provide advice and signposting on self-care and public health
  • explain how to deal effectively with patient queries about long term conditions or medicines
  • support a person presenting with a new prescription
  • describe how to advise appropriately a patient requesting an OTC medicine
  • identify and meet the professional development needs of the pharmacy team
  • explain how you would work in partnership with other healthcare professionals to support patients.
external resource

This TARGET (Treat Antibiotics Responsibly, Guidance, Education, Tools) toolkit includes a range of resources that can each be used to support prescribers’ and patients’ responsible antibiotic use.

external resource

This Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) Hub has a primary care focus and links to a range of resources.

external resource

This guideline covers the effective use of antimicrobials (including antibiotics) in children, young people and adults. It aims to change prescribing practice to help slow the emergence of antimicrobial resistance and ensure that antimicrobials remain an effective treatment for infection.

external resource

Our full range of learning activities to support your engagement in antimicrobial stewardship (AMS), improving appropriate prescribing of antimicrobials and educating the public about the problems associated with antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

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