Facilitate Optimise

Our new CPPE Optimise programmes support hospital pharmacy teams to develop clinical skills and knowledge in just one hour. As an educator or trainer, you can facilitate an Optimise small group learning session for your students or team.

How does CPPE Optimise work?

There are three steps to Optimise:

  • optional background learning via the CPPE website (self-study)
  • small group learning (which involves 20 minutes of preparation for each participant and a 40-minute group session)
  • next steps (participants revisit the website to put their learning into practice and earn their badge).

How do I access the materials?

You can order or download materials from the Optimise section of our website.

To order materials log into the website, go to the Optimise section and click 'Order materials'. To download the extra facilitator resources log into the website, go to the Optimise section, select a topic and click next to get to the page on small group learning. You can download the materials from this page.  

Have a look at our Optimise leaflet to find out more about our new series of programmes and how they work.