Urgent care

Urgent or unplanned care leads to at least 100 million NHS calls or visits each year, representing about one third of overall NHS activity and more than half the costs. Approximately one quarter of accident and emergency attendances could have been treated elsewhere.

NHS England’s Keogh Urgent and Emergency Care Review is now in its implementation phase and it is important that pharmacy professionals engage proactively in the development of new urgent and emergency care systems. Pharmacy teams in all sectors have potential to support the urgent care agenda by raising awareness of existing services, extending those services and being confident about when and where to refer patients whose needs are more complex.

Media wall

On this page you can find the videos supporting CPPE’s Urgent care: a focus for pharmacy distance learning programme and our learning campaign.


CPPE has created many different formats of learning programmes and workshops on urgent care. You can find an evaluation of our residential workshop for community pharmacists here.