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Welcome to CPPE's learning disabilities hub, where we will be hosting various resources for pharmacy professionals to access in order to improve their treatment of those with a learning disability. To submit a resource, send an email with the resource and a brief description of it to ldcampaign@cppe.ac.uk 





  • British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) - easy-read information about health.
  • Disability Matters - educational, inspiring, informative and inclusive e-learning resource for the UK workforce to challenge and positively change our own and others' fears, ideas and attitudes towards disability and disabled children and young people.
  • Easy Health - a good place for nutrition and health advice for people with a learning disability.
  • General Medical Council - learning disabilities page, including interactive videos.
  • Learning Dis Elf - Twitter account to follow to keep up to date with learning disabilities evidence from websites, journals, networks, guidance and reports.
  • Makaton - find out about Makaton training, in order to help with communication techniques.
  • Mencap - resources include an information sheet linking to an easy-ready advice leaflet for people with disabilities, a checklist for pharmacies to ensure they meet the requirements of the Accessible Information Standard, and other handy hints.
  • MindEd - an educational resource about children and young people's mental health for all adults.
  • NICE - NICE pathway on Challenging behaviour and learning disabilities.
  • RCGP - the Royal College of General Practitioners page on learning disabilities is useful to see what is covered in care planning and the health check for different types of learning disability.
  • Royal College of Psychiatrists - page on learning disabilities; readable and well-researched information for the public.
  • Royal College of Psychiatrists' Partner in Care campaign - page on learning disability and mental health; abundance of information for carers, healthcare professionals and support workers.
  • Talking Mats - a website to help improve the lives of people with communication difficulties, and those close to them, by increasing their capacity to communicate effectively about things that matter to them.
  • University of Birmingham - learning disabilities medication guideline.
  • Yammer - MOOC training via Canvas for learning disability, accessed through Yammer, which helps with collaborative working with the multidisciplinary team. A bit like Facebook for learning disability, with a useful board to share best practice.


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