NHS priorities

Whether it’s to prepare for the next Quality Payments Scheme deadline, or to increase your confidence in helping people with a learning disability, this section provides topic-specific pages that link to current NHS priorities. This section will support you in keeping your knowledge and skills up to date in order to provide high-quality pharmacy services and be service-ready.

Clinical pharmacy

Our clinical portfolio is expanding on a frequent basis, helping you to advance your knowledge and skills and deliver medicines optimisation in practice for all sectors of pharmacy. From two new focal points a year to our small group learning for hospital pharmacists – Optimise – this section focuses on clinical pharmacy, diseases and therapeutics.

Public health

The public health agenda is embedded in pharmacy, yet topics such as emergency contraception or stop smoking support are as prevalent as ever. As well as our public health workshops, use this section to access a wide range of resources to assure and maintain your competence, all underpinned by the Declaration of Competence system.

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online workshop

Return to prescribing

  • Released: 04/2020
  • Reviewed: 11/2021
  • Study time: 10h:0m

The CPPE Return to prescribing programme runs over a three month period with three interactive webinars. It is open to any pharmacist prescriber registered in England who needs to regain the competence and confidence to prescribe.

Over the three webinars you will reflect on your current skills and identify actions, resources and opportunities to address gaps in the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for effective prescribing. This will be achieved through a mix of individual learning, group activities and discussions, and sharing of best practice. 

Dates for the next workshop series are as follows:

  • e-workshop 1 - Tuesday 11th January, 7.00pm-8.30pm
  • e-workshop 2 - Tuesday 8th February, 7.00pm-8.30pm
  • e-workshop 3 - Tuesday 8th March, 7.00pm-8.30pm
  • e-workshop 1 - Tuesday 15th March, 7.00pm-8.30pm
  • e-workshop 2 - Tuesday 5th April, 7.00pm-8.30pm
  • e-workshop 3 - Tuesday 10th May, 7.00pm-8.30pm

Learning outcomes

On completion of all aspects of this learning programme you should be able to:

  • identify personal learning needs using the prescribing competence framework
  • create an action plan to address identified learning needs
  • a library of reliable, evidence-based information sources
  • develop skills for working effectively with patients
  • produce a list of the key elements for a supportive network for prescribing practice
  • plan actions that will build confidence in relation to prescribing
  • recognise opportunities for prescribing and getting a prescribing role commissioned.

How to use this programme

Our online workshops are run using Zoom. Before your workshop, you will receive an email from the lead tutor inviting you to register for the Zoom event. You must complete this registration in advance, or you will be unable to access the session. Please make a note of the lead tutor’s name when you book so that you can contact them if you do not receive the Zoom registration link.

Please note:

  • You will need to be connected to the internet for the duration of the online workshop.
  • To get the most from this workshop we recommend that you use a laptop or desktop computer.
  • You will be expected to put your camera on for some or all of the event.
  • This event must not be undertaken while travelling, or in a public place.

If you register for this event you must cancel your place if you cannot attend. Failure to do this may result in restrictions being placed on your CPPE account.

Learning intended for

  • Pharmacists