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CPPE facilitation refresher training

  • Released: 07/2014
  • Study time: 10h:0m

NOTE: This event is suitable for CPPE tutors only

This event has been developed to refresh tutor facilitation (and presentation) skills either because of issues identified by themselves or their RM, or because they have been in post for more than three years.


Learning objectives

  • refreshed facilitation and presentation skills
  • better understanding of tutor role as it is now
  • renewed enthusiasm for the tutor role or heightened awareness that it is not for you
  • appreciation of CPPE as a high quality and supportive learning organisation
  • better relationships with other tutors.

How to use this programme

When you book onto this workshop you will be able to access the resources that you need to complete your learning. If there is a pre-workshop book associated with your workshop, then this will be sent to you in the post and you will also be able to download it in PDF form.

At the workshop your facilitator will provide any materials for you to refer to and complete during the event.

Learning intended for

  • Pharmacists
  • Pharmacy technicians