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CPPE Practice assessment (2016)

  • Released: 01/2016
  • Reviewed: 08/2016

We have developed this assessment to offer you the chance to try out the different styles of question that we use in our assessments. If you are new to multiple choice questions and find that the challenge for you is in understanding how to answer them correctly, rather than simply knowing the right answer, then this practice assessment is likely to help. There are three sections within the assessment, which cover the different styles of question that we use within our assessments.

Why should I do this assessment?

When you have successfully completed this assessment, you will feel more confident in attempting our online assessments. You will have demonstrated to yourself that you can successfully apply simple strategies to our assessments, and that you can show that you have the necessary knowledge and can apply it in practice.

How to do this assessment

You can access this assessment online on your desktop, laptop or tablet device. We recommend that you do not attempt it on a mobile phone or other device with a small screen. It is important that you have a reliable internet connection for the duration of the assessment.

Most of our assessments have a 45 minute time limit, so make sure you set enough time aside, have the learning programme and any other resources to hand, and can work through the assessment without interruption.