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Leadership for pharmacy professionals - Evaluating information

  • Released: 11/2016
  • Study time: 4h:0m
  • Standard price: £120.00
  • NHS HEE funded price: £0.00

These events are only for pharmacy professionals registered on the 12-month leadership course.

Measuring patient outcomes is a vital part of evaluating pharmacy services. This session will help you identify how you use this data to measure and improve the quality of your services.


Learning objectives

On completion of all aspects of this learning programme you should be able to:

  • discuss the different types of information that can be used to measure pharmacy services
  • measure performance of your pharmacy service in relation to relevant RPS professional standards
  • benchmark your service with other workplaces and identify examples of good practice and areas for improvement
  • use a fishbone diagram to systematically analyse and identify root causes of problems
  • analyse data and information and extract relevant data from a larger data set
  • identify how to use data to improve the quality of services and improve health outcomes for patients
  • identify your own values and principles and recognise how emotions and prejudices can affect judgement and behaviour when dealing with ethical dilemmas.

How to use this programme

When you book onto this workshop you will be able to access the resources that you need to complete your learning. If there is a pre-workshop book associated with your workshop, then this will be sent to you in the post and you will also be able to download it in PDF form.

At the workshop your facilitator will provide any materials for you to refer to and complete during the event.

Learning intended for

  • Pharmacists
  • Pharmacy technicians
  • Pre-registration trainees