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Hypertension and prevention of cardiovascular disease

  • Released: 12/2016
  • Study time: 11h:0m

Medicines optimisation and patient-centred consultations.

This workshop is delivered in collaboration with UK Clinical Pharmacy Association and Primary Care Pharmacy Association. It supports pharmacists working in general practices to identify patients at high risk of, and patients with, established cardiovascular disease (CVD) and to work with patients to optimise medicines and reduce modifiable risk factors for CVD.

Your pre-workshop material will be emailed to you, if you don't receive it please contact your course lead


Learning objectives

On completion of all aspects of this learning programme you should be able to:

  • list interventions for cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention of optimal value to the NHS
  • describe the significance of the results of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and home blood pressure monitoring in the management of hypertension
  • conduct patient-centred consultations to support patients to reduce their CVD risk
  • analyse clinical and patient information for people with established cardiovascular disease and develop clinical management plans to optimise medicines
  • create a lift pitch to communicate how you can improve CVD prevention in your GP practice.

How to use this programme

We will post the pre-workshop preparation for this workshop on Canvas at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

Learning intended for

  • Pharmacists