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Dermatology: support for pharmacists with a special interest (PhwSI) in dermatology (2016)

  • Released: 01/2016
  • Reviewed: 02/2017

This is the CPPE assessment on dermatology for specialist pharmacists. It assesses aspects of the three main inflammatory skin diseases that account for the majority of the dermatology workload in primary care: acne, eczema and psoriasis. It is not linked with a particular CPPE dermatology learning programme.

Why should I do this assessment?

On successful completion of this assessment, you will be able to demonstrate that you have some of the necessary competencies and skills to function at an advanced level within the field and to adopt a systematic approach to patient care. It may be used as part of your portfolio of evidence when making a submission for local accreditation as an advanced practitioner or pharmacist with a special interest in dermatology. If you are working towards completing a Declaration of Competence for a pharmacy service, successful completion of this assessment will provide evidence of your learning.

How to do this assessment

You can access this assessment online on your desktop, laptop or tablet device. We recommend that you do not attempt it on a mobile phone or other device with a small screen. It is important that you have a reliable internet connection for the duration of the assessment.

Most of our assessments have a 45 minute time limit, so make sure you set enough time aside, have the learning programme and any other resources to hand, and can work through the assessment without interruption.