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Chlamydia testing and treatment

  • Released: 10/2016
  • Study time: 4h:0m
  • Standard price: £500.00
  • NHS HEE funded price: £0.00

Pharmacists around the country have been involved in a variety of sexual health services. This event will help pharmacists, pre-registration trainees and pharmacy technicians to prepare themselves to run a chlamydia testing and treatment service.

Learning objectives

On completion of all aspects of this programme you should be able to:

  • describe the presentation and management of chlamydia infection
  • list three websites containing useful information about chlamydia, its presentation and management, and the national chlamydia screening programme
  • describe the aims of the chlamydia testing and treatment service and how it fits with the local sexual health services agenda
  • be aware of confidentiality issues and demonstrate how to safeguard children and vulnerable adults and apply the medico-legal aspects of sexual health services provision to young people under 16, with reference to the Fraser guidelines
  • describe treatment pathways available to a client
  • demonstrate awareness of how and when to refer clients and when to ask for support from the local specialist service
  • describe the use of the PGD and associated paperwork for the indicated treatment
  • demonstrate the process of specimen collection, including how to prepare samples for laboratory testing and the actions to be taken following the result
  • demonstrate the ability to counsel and advise clients appropriately and sensitively and to handle problematic situations through role play
  • demonstrate the ability to carry out extended management of asymptomatic chlamydia infection
  • demonstrate the ability to carry out partner management, in conjunction with appropriate colleagues and to counsel and advise on the tracing of clients.

How to use this programme

You can download the materials you will need to run your event including a facilitator’s guide and any relevant presentations

Learning intended for

  • Pharmacists
  • Pharmacy technicians
  • Pre-registration trainees