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Cancer awareness and screening

  • Released: 10/2016
  • Study time: 6h:0m
  • Standard price: £500.00
  • NHS HEE funded price: £0.00

This resource will support you in acquiring the knowledge, developing the skills and demonstrating the attitudes necessary to offer services which promote increased cancer awareness and increased referral to screening services where available, as part of your pharmacy practice. The learning promotes referral to local NHS screening programmes, as well as other pathways to primary and secondary care specialists.

Learning objectives

On completion of all aspects of this learning programme you should be able to:

  • describe how to identify and engage people who may benefit from a public health campaign which helps to reduce the risk of cancer
  • understand where to locate useful resources to support a cancer awareness campaign
  • explain the benefits of earlier detection of cancers
  • describe the common symptoms of seven key cancer types
  • explain the follow-up and referral procedures to local primary and/or secondary care specialists and/or national NHS screening programmes, where available
  • signpost patients to resources and organisations designed to support early detection, diagnosis and examination of key cancer types
  • understand the information governance and consent issues associated with this sensitive area of practice.

How to use this programme

You can download the materials you will need to run your event including a facilitator’s guide and any relevant presentations

Learning intended for

  • Pharmacists
  • Pharmacy technicians
  • Pre-registration trainees