NHS priorities

Whether it’s to prepare for the next Quality Payments Scheme deadline, or to increase your confidence in helping people with a learning disability, this section provides topic-specific pages that link to current NHS priorities. This section will support you in keeping your knowledge and skills up to date in order to provide high-quality pharmacy services and be service-ready.

Clinical pharmacy

Our clinical portfolio is expanding on a frequent basis, helping you to advance your knowledge and skills and deliver medicines optimisation in practice for all sectors of pharmacy. From two new focal points a year to our small group learning for hospital pharmacists – Optimise – this section focuses on clinical pharmacy, diseases and therapeutics.

Public health

The public health agenda is embedded in pharmacy, yet topics such as emergency contraception or stop smoking support are as prevalent as ever. As well as our public health workshops, use this section to access a wide range of resources to assure and maintain your competence, all underpinned by the Declaration of Competence system.

CPPE extends Guide to returning to pharmacy practice e-course for hospital

We have extended our Guide to returning to pharmacy practice e-course to include a new secondary care-focused strand to the programme to support pharmacy professionals returning specifically to hospital pharmacy practice. 

Two weeks ago, we launched a new e-course designed to help those returning to pharmacy practice after a gap in professional service, including those returning to the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) temporary register.

The e-course initially focussed on community pharmacy practice to respond to the immediate pressures within this sector as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

We have liaised with colleagues across the profession while developing this extension to the programme, including the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) and the Specialist Pharmacy Service (SPS).

This extension to the programme promotes a personalised approach to learning and follows the same format as the initial programme.

A new self-assessment framework specifically aligned to hospital practice has been developed. Learners complete the self-assessment framework at the start of the programme to identify the key topic areas they need to visit to refresh their knowledge for practice.

The topic areas chosen for the Guide to returning to pharmacy practice e-course for hospital are as follows:

  • Clinical knowledge
  • Consultation and communication skills
  • Controlled drugs and substance misuse
  • Digital technology
  • Legislation and professionalism
  • Local formulary and medicines management
  • Patient safety
  • Resilience
  • Support network

Within each topic area, key resources are included to quickly bring pharmacy professionals up to date, including CPPE resources and those available from PSNC and RPS.

Learners will be able to engage in a tutor-supported discussion forum in each topic area to enhance the learning experience.

We recognise that building a peer support network will be important to help people discuss the more complex areas of practice and any challenges in returning to the role.

As a result, we will run online support sessions via video application every day, including weekends, to ensure additional guidance and support is available to those returning to practice.

We will continue to review and update the e-course to ensure you have what you need to feel confident and capable in your return to hospital pharmacy practice.

The Guide to returning to pharmacy practice for hospital e-course is now available on the Canvas platform, via the new CPPE COVID-19 learning and resource hub, at: www.cppe.ac.uk/COVID-19


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