22/06/2017 11:13:42

Find out more about how we support GP pharmacy teams

We have developed a new brochure for general practice pharmacy teams to let you know how we can support you to improve patient outcomes.  

We have a variety of learning programmes available for pharmacy professionals who work in general practice or who are considering changing sector. 

Programmes range from tutor-facilitated workshops to informal learning communities, online courses and self-study.

Our interactive e-course General practice – the fundamentals of working with GPs is an introduction to working in general practice. The e-course supports the national initiatives to promote the role of GP practice-based pharmacists and skill mix in primary care. The next tutor-supported e-course will run in September 2017.

You may wish to attend our study days or use learning community materials to focus on a clinical topic in the genreal practice setting. Or you may wish to look at developing your consultation skills or leadership. You can find details of all these programmes in the brochure.

Download our general practice pharmacy brochure now.

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