11/07/2017 12:12:35

Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults workshops

Do you have the skills, knowledge and confidence to identify and deal professionally with safeguarding issues? Places are still available on our Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults workshop, which will develop your competence when dealing with safeguarding issues should one arise in your practice. 

During the workshop you’ll hear from a local safeguarding expert to ensure you understand the policies, legislation and procedures in your location.

You’ll also have the opportunity to discuss a number of safeguarding issues with fellow pharmacy professionals and hear how others have handled situations in the past. If you are struggling to achieve your Level 2 safeguarding status required for the Quality Payment Criteria, you will be far better placed to complete the assessment afterward the workshop.

Limited places are available at workshops across the country. Access Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults now to find out more and choose an event near you.

Connect with others attending these workshops on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #CPPEsafeguarding.

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