05/06/2017 15:19:27

Medicines optimisation: helping people get the most out of their medicines launched

We have launched our new e-learning programme Medicines optimisation: helping people get the most from their medicines, a programme designed to explain medicines optimisation and show how it can improve patient outcomes.

A study commissioned by the Department of Health found that the annual cost of prescription medicines wastage in England is around £300 million and that around £150 million of this is avoidable.

CPPE’s Medicines optimisation e-learning programme can help pharmacy professionals more effectively deliver medicines optimisation using patient-centred care, shared decision-making and consultation skills. It highlights the need for effective communication between health and social care practitioners across all care settings, using national guidance and tools supporting medicines optimisation.

Access the e-learning programme through our website.



1. York Health Economics Consortium and School of Pharmacy, University of London. Evaluation of the scale, causes and costs of waste medicines. London: YHEC/School of Pharmacy, University of London. 2010. 

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