17/05/2017 16:49:51

Summary Care Records in community pharmacy updated

We are pleased to announce an extensive update of our Summary Care Records in community pharmacy e-learning programme.

NHS Summary Care Records (SCRs) give you instant access to important patient clinical data 24 hours every day and empowers you to make informed decisions.

There are many benefits to using this system: immediate resolution of patient queries, preventing unnecessary patient referrals, reassurance, reduction in waiting time and maintenance of supply.

The e-learning programme has been revised and updated to reflect the latest insights from the 90+ percent of pharmacies that are already successfully using the SCR.

It also signposts you to the new processes for implementing SCRs in your pharmacy and for pharmacy professionals.

The programme highlights the important information governance processes and provides case study examples that demonstrate the benefits and advantages of making it a part of your everyday practice.

You don’t need to re-take the assessment if you have already passed, but you could take another look at the programme to see how SCR use has changed for community pharmacy.

Access the updated programme today.

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