16/05/2017 09:47:07

Clinical Fellow position at CPPE

The 2017/2018 Chief Pharmaceutical Officer Clinical Fellow Scheme is now open for applications, with a position available at CPPE. 

The scheme provides early-career pharmacists with the unique opportunity to work with senior pharmacy leaders in national healthcare organisations for one year. Successful applicants will be able to develop a range of skills in the position, including leadership, management, strategy, project management and health policy. 

Clinical Fellows lead on key projects to contribute to national healthcare priorities around medicines optimisation, transfer of care, digitalisation and pharmacy workforce training.

The Clinical Fellow position at CPPE for 2016/2017 was awarded to Pav Gandham, who has written a personal reflection of his time in the role, which is included in the applicant guidance for the scheme, available to download on through the Chief Pharmaceutical Officer's Clinical Fellow Scheme webpage.

"At CPPE, I am surrounded by some of the brightest and innovative minds in pharmacy education and training who put the profession and patient care at the centre of their work. In an organisation with a diverse remit and great responsibility to lead the delivery of training for the pharmacy workforce, I am involved in a variety of projects of different scope and breadth. I have the freedom to innovate and the support to put ideas into practice."

Pav Gandham, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer Clinical Fellow 2016/2017 with CPPE.

For more information and to apply for the scheme visit the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management website

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