29/06/2017 10:47:35

Increase your confidence to use SCRs with our new workshop

We're running a new workshop, Summary Care Records (SCRs) – making the most of them, to support you with using SCRs. The workshop will help you develop your knowledge, skills and confidence to use SCRs more often in your practice and maximise the opportunities they present to improve clinical outcomes for patients.

This workshop can support you to meet one of the Quality Payment Scheme criteria. In order to meet the criterion, you must be able to demonstrate that you have accessed the Summary Care Record and increased your access since the last review point.

During the workshop you will work through case studies in groups to identify how accessing SCRs more often can improve clinical outcomes for patients and describe situations where not accessing SCRs could compromise patient care. You will also use role play to practise applying effective consultation skills to obtain informed consent from patients to access their SCR.

Please note: attending this CPPE workshop will not provide you with access to the SCR application. Visit the NHS Digital website to find information about accessing the application. This workshop is about making more effective use of it once you have access.

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