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06/04/2017 11:01:02

Anticoagulation: what a good consultation looks like

We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest e-learning programme – Anticoagulation: what a good consultation looks like.

This programme has been designed to help pharmacy professionals gain confidence in consulting with patients about their anticoagulant medicines.

The e-learning offers a variety of activities, video examples of good practice, and case studies to put your learning into practice.

The latest in our consultation skills portfolio, the programme supports you to develop the therapeutic knowledge you need when optimising anticoagulant medicines.

Consultations involving anticoagulant medicines can involve the transfer of lots of information; the e-learning allows you to hear directly from the experts about key therapeutic information.

You will also have the opportunity to watch video examples, enabling you to put the clinical knowledge into context when discussing anticoagulant medicines with patients, and to consider how you can make your consultations more patient-centred.

Access the programme now on the CPPE website:

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