22/03/2017 17:46:18

We have launched a new learning format for hospital teams

You told us:

  • you have less time for protected learning
  • you’d like to use more technology in learning programmes
  • you’d like to have more primary evidence in the learning
  • you like learning with colleagues in a safe environment.

So we acted. We have developed a series of learning programmes for pharmacy professionals working in hospital and primary care. They are specifically aimed at advancing your knowledge and skills, and we have used experts in the pharmacy profession to write or contribute to each programme.

We have designed these programmes so that any member of your team can run a small group learning session in your pharmacy department at any time.

These new learning programmes are called CPPE Optimise programmes.


How does CPPE Optimise work?

Every CPPE Optimise programme is hosted on the CPPE website.

Step 1 – Optional background learning

CPPE Optimise programmes assume some prior knowledge of each topic. If you wish to learn more about a topic or revise your knowledge, you can complete the optional background learning before completing the Optimise programme. We signpost you to this learning on the CPPE website.

Step 2 – Small group learning

A member of your team can order copies of the Optimise programme handout or you can download the PDF from the CPPE website. It provides you with 20 minutes of pre-reading and tasks and a 40-minute small group learning session.

The small group learning session involves small and manageable activities. Follow the learning path which leads you through the session, and includes timings for each task.

Step 3 – Next steps and CPPE Optimise badges

Following the small group learning session you should go back to the programme web page on the CPPE website. There you can confirm attendance, complete the next steps and obtain an Optimise badge for your learning record.


Feedback so far

“Activities provided are manageable.”

“E-media for background learning is a great method to provide the material.”

“Like how they can be used informally, requiring little organisation.”


Visit the Optimise section of our website to find out more and order materials.


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