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Our e-learning programmes offer an alternative way of accessing learning and are available from this website.


When developing our e-learning programmes, we have used a variety of activities and exercises: some will make your learning fun and some are included to challenge your understanding and test what you have learnt. In our New medicine service video wall you can listen to a GP, a patient, the original researchers and leaders talk about the service.


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Learning style

We have developed several styles of e-learning programmes:


  • Our longer programmes, such as Travel health and Helping others learn, are divided into sections so you can complete one section at a time and return to the learning at any point.
  • Our shorter programmes, such as Responsible pharmacist, take less then an hour to complete.
  • Our New medicine service video wall offers a walk through the service, from recruiting a patient and taking consent to the follow-up consultation. 


All our e-learning programmes can be accessed from this website.


Using e-learning on mobile devices

Our latest e-learning programmes can now be used on iPads. You can still access them on your PC and tablets as long as you have internet connection.

We do not recommend using them on smaller mobile devices as the screen and text will not be at an optimal size.




Accessing e-learning programmes

To use our e-learning programmes, first you have to register on to our website. Once you are registered, log in using your GPhC number or S registrant number and password. You can also read more about Why CPPE are using tokens in our help section.


Downloadable programmes - PDF documents

Most of our open learning programmes can also be downloaded as a PDF document, which can then be saved to your computer. They can be found in the open learning portfolio. Click on the PDF icon next to the programme title and follow the on-screen instuctions.


All our pre-workshop materials and updates for programmes are also available as downloadble PDF documents.


What's new in the BNF?

In 2009 we launched the first BNF e-update, which was developed in collaboration with the team at the British National Formulary (BNF). We have continued this collaboration with our interactive PDF programme What's new in the BNF?, released every six months as each new edition of the BNF is published.


Each new version of the What's new in the BNF? includes around ten clinical case studies with short answer questions, suitable for all areas of practice.