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Open learning programmes

These programmes are designed for self study and some can be used to support specific services.


To view the full open learning portfolio alphabetically or select programmes by theme, click on one of the options in the left-hand menu. You can also view a taster of most of our open learning programmes before you order them?

Learning style

Our open learning format:


  • allows you to complete the programme in your own time
  • is divided into sections, making them easier to work through
  • use exercises, practice points and case studies to help you develop and extend your learning.


Core learning. Some background reading may be required. Most open learning programmes are in this category.
Application of knowledge. Assumes prior learning. Some open learning programmes are in this category.

Supporting you, your practice and the NHS

When creating an open learning programme, we look at how it will contribute to both your own professional development and to the overall improvment of NHS services. In our open learning programmes we describe how they can be used to support areas of practice.

Accessing open learning programmes

The programmes are available as a PDF which can be downloaded and saved to your PC, or tablet.




Many of our open learning programmes now have associated e-assessments for you to complete once you have worked through the programme. Successful completion of our e-assessments can be used as evidence of knowledge and skills within that area of practice.


You can access e-assessments from your my CPPE record or from the e-assessment portfolio.


Quality and updates

We review all our programmes regularly and assign a programme guardian to them. Many now have updates these are available as a PDF document. They can be found in the programme download list or, if you are registered with CPPE on this website, we will email you updates for programmes you have ordered.