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Our events are usually held at various venues across England. They are facilitated by one of our local CPPE tutors and are available to pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Every semester we will run a focal point event in your area. In addition to these in your area we will run full day workshops, public health services events or pharmacy technician specific events.


To find out what is available go to events in my area.

About our events

We hold a number of events in your local area each year - up to two or three each semester (April-September and October-March). The information below shows the type of event that is available.


Focal point 

Developed for pharmacy professionals working in community and primary care settings these events are clinically challenging and designed to help you improve your practice. With our focal point programmes you can either:


1. attend a CPPE tutor-led focal point event. Go to the events in my area page


2. study a focal point programme with colleagues, at a time and a place of your choice in a learning community. Go to our learning communities page.



We will also offer additional workshops in your area each semester which will range from :

  • all day workshops
  • service focused workshops
  • practical workshops
  • pharmacy technician only events.

Have a look at what is available in your area.


Public health workshops

These materials form the basis of our tutor-led workshops focusing on public health services. To find and attend a CPPE tutor-led public health workshop, go to the events in my area page and search for workshops in your local area. If you are a commissioner and want to talk to CPPE about arranging a public health service event in your area please contact your local tutor.




How do I book on to an event?

To book on to an event via this website. First, log in using your GPhC number and login password (if you have not used us online before, go to register). You can search by:


1. postcode - go to find my nearest event

2. LETB area - go to events in my area.


When you find an event in your search, click on the  focal point icon or  workshops icon and follow the on-screen instructions to book your place.


How do I know I have a place at an event?

We will let you know immediately with a message on-screen and send you an email confirmation of your booking. You can also check your place in check my orders and bookings at any time when you are logged in.


If you have not received an email then please check we are using your correct email address by going to the my details page.


How do I cancel my place at an event?

To cancel your place, go to cancel an event booking.


Charges for cancelling a place at an event

The CPPE cancellation policy is applicable for our events and short notice or non-attendance will result in some people incurring a cancellation fee.


My pre-event material has not arrived - what do I do?

All of our pre-event booklets and pre-workshop tasks are available as downloadable PDFs from the events portfolio page. We post pre-event materials to attendees three weeks before the event is due to take place.


Remember to check we are using your correct address by going to the my details page.