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Most CPPE learning programmes in the CPPE e-shop can be bought by healthcare professionals worldwide. To register with CPPE you will need to buy a starter pack (see below) which includes five tokens. You can buy additional tokens for £1.00 each. The tokens in your account can then be used to buy any CPPE programmes with a token value
If you are registered with the GPhC click on 'Register with CPPE - GPhC registrants'

To purchase the CPD series for non-medical prescribers programme please follow these steps

Return to/Preparing for UK practice course fee
Return to/Preparing for UK practice course fee

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These tokens enable you to gain access to specific programmes or assessments which may or may not be available to you normally.

CPPE starter pack
CPPE starter pack

add to basket - £5.00

To start you off we have created a CPPE starter pack which will give you immediate access to some of our programmes and tokens to the value of £5.00. Once you have purchased the starter pack we will prompt you to finish your registration and then credit your account with:

  • five tokens
  • a token for Influenza - module 1

Once your payment has cleared we will send you a payment confirmation email and an order confirmation email. The order confirmation email will lead you to complete your registration process.

Once you are registered you can use your Influenza token immediately to download the programme. Then browse our portfolio to use your five tokens - have a look at What's new in BNF in our portfolio.

Cancellation Charge
Cancellation Charge

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To pay a cancellation or barring removal charge select this product. We will have sent you a cancellation reference which you will require to complete this transaction. The price will be shown in the basket once you have added your reference. Please note we are unable to use tokens for this charge. If you experience any problems when making your payment you may need to turn off the ‘pop up blocker’ via your internet settings.

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